Kids experiencing divorce need lots of things. The transitions and changes of separation and divorce bring many unique losses and adjustments to each child’s life. Kids need help naming what’s happening, they needs support and patience, but most of all they need a voice.

Kids 24/7 was founded on the idea of giving kids a voice to help them navigate through the painful pitfalls and changes they are experiencing when their parents split. It goes without saying that divorce is a tumultuous event for all involved, but especially for kids. Most parents are well-intended and love their children. They want to help them through the divorce process but are overwhelmed and don’t know what to do.

Talking with safe people helps.

In a variety of life situations, having a safe place to talk through, understand, and express feelings can make all the difference. Kids 24/7 is committed to being a place to give kids that voice and make a real difference…a difference for them, their families, and their future.