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Teen Money Academy

Supportive social networks can act as buffers against the feeling of loneliness. Being connected to others can be a protective factor in life. A sense of belonging to peers and teachers can positively affect academic performance and the KIDS Academy gives kids a place to belong, build relationships with trusted adults, experience countless new opportunities, explore interests and fun activities within a growth mindset.

We incorporate the Seven C’s of Resilience; competence, confidence, connection, character, contribution, coping, and control. Each week, the specific small groups bring kids to focus on social-emotional learning (SEL)and problem-solving skills. We equip kids with a tool belt of resources around a a growth mind-set using an evidence-informed curriculum.

Included in this 28-week extended learning program are nutritious snacks, a variety of fitness activities and age appropriate learning. We include the parents with weekly emails, take home education and a monthly free family dinner.

Goals for the KIDS Academy

1. Each child has a place to belong.

2. Each child values academic success.

3. Each child says NO to drugs and alcohol.

4. Each child develops positive emotional health skills.

5. Each child discovers their passions and purpose in life.