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Entrepreneurship Academy

Is your High Schooler the next teen entrepreneur?

Apex 24/7 and Dave Ramey’s Education programs are designed to keep students engaged, whether you’re in a virtual or in-person classroom, with an introduction to entrepreneurship, economics and finances, marketing, and business plans. All have program to a self-paced and a personalized mentor each teen.

Teens can take their business idea, overcome their and how to start the process. At 12 years old, billionaire and entrepreneur, Mark Cuban started selling trash bags door to door and Warren Buffett got his first taste of business selling packs of gum. Teens will learn how to experiment, gain inspiration, choose their career path, and how to make a creative business plan in a safe environment.

Parents are reassured that their teen will cast a vision, leadership, responsibility and demonstrate a work hard ethic. They will demonstrate grit and a strong mind set.

Companies will find a strong ethic, financial knowledge, team work, dependable, communication and customers skills. Please contact Apex 24/7 for information about employable teen or internship program at

“Young people need more information and role models to help them better understand what’s involved in starting a business. It is exciting to see the high percentage of students who aspire to be entrepreneurs. It’s especially encouraging that so many teen girls have an eye toward starting a business”, explained Dave Schaack, Founder of Apex 24/7.

“Don’t let anything get in your way,
Do something you love, Be true to yourself, and Be afraid of nothing.”

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