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Financial Academy

Welcome to the Financial Academy!

Welcome to the Financial Academy!

We can hardly wait for you to encounter the programs that defines your clarity, trust, and life-changes events in your life. Through Financial On-line Academy we give the skills to discover the fundamentals of personal financial and life skills. How you can use the skills and resources for the greatest good now and forever.

More than 42 million teenagers in America are spending their cash on an assortment of items.

The normal teen spends $2,150 through out each year. 83% of teens don’t know how to manage money. Sadly, teenager have not gotten either formal or casual direction on money issues. Thus, youth may not be prepared to settle on sound financial decisions:

Only 18% of 15-year-olds in the United States were not aware of central money abilities that are frequently applied in regular circumstances, for example, fabricating a basic financial plan, saving, and understanding a receipt.

A report on the aftereffects of a financial proficiency test observed that seniors scored on normal 48% right, showing extensive financial training for youth in education. As indicated by the National Longitudinal Survey of Youth, just 27% of youth knew about interest and could create a budget.

“A parent’s job in to model sound financial practices for their kids. However, many guardians feel ill-equipped to set a model.”, David Schaack, MBA and Founder of Apex 24/7. Mr. Schaack goes on to further explain WHY ISN’T THIS STUFF TAUGHT IN SCHOOL? … … WELL IT IS NOW!!!!

Financial Academy program consists of 13 chapters of essential personal finance principles like how to budget, save, avoid debt, invest, be a wise consumer and much more!

Chapter 1: Introduction to Personal Finance
Chapter 2: Budgeting Basics
Chapter 3: Saving Money
Chapter 4: Credit and Debt
Chapter 5: Consumer Awareness
Chapter 6: Career Readiness
Chapter 7: College Planning
Chapter 8: Financial Services
Chapter 9: The Role of Insurance
Chapter 10: Income and Taxes
Chapter 11: Housing and Real Estate
Chapter 12: Investing and Retirement
Chapter 13: Global Economics

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