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Teens and Money

Join the thousands of educators across the country who are shaping the lives of millions of students by teaching these proven money and business principles.

Apex 24/7 will show your teen how to earn money, create a budget, give, save and spend wisely including setting Up Bank Accounts, Giving, Saving and Spending, and things Teens Waste Money On
We know preparing your child to enter the real world is scary. There are taxes, insurance, credit and debt to think about—but we’re here to help! With engaging video lessons and activities, our team of financial experts does the heavy lifting for you. No instructor needed! Now you can rest assured that your teen is graduating with confidence in their ability to handle money the right way.

How It Works:
Once you buy the curriculum, you’ll get a link and a unique online voucher code. Follow the instructions on the email to register. You’ll have access to the online course for one year, beginning when the voucher code is first redeemed.

Curriculum Features:

Fully digital content (All you need is a computer or tablet and internet access!)

Auto-graded assessments for each chapter (and one summative assessment)

Stand-alone chapters that can be used in any order

Engaging video content by Dave Ramsey and his team of experts

Personal Coach for each student.

Sample of Foundation of Personal Finance