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It’s FINALLY Here! A Real-talk, Real-solution, Family Coaching Program to Help You Support Your Teens to Successfully Navigate the Trials of Life…Creating the Loving, FUN Family Of Your Dreams!


Dear mom, dads, grandparents, legal guardians and anyone else who is involved with parenting, raising, or influencing our next generation to literally take over the world –

Are you ready to LevelUP and experience a new relationship with your teens that includes less nagging, less frustration, and instead grooms them up to become the successful member of society you dream of them to be?

Isn’t it time you challenge yourself to take a real look at the power you have to influence and shape your kids through your words and actions? We have come to realize that teaching our children math, reading and history alone is NOT enough. They need skills to manage their emotions, critical thinking, and have a sense of security and belonging. Do you sense that in your family?

Let’s face it- there’s a lot of controversy on-line right now about what is the best solution for schooling our kids moving forward. But the bottom line is, it doesn’t matter if they learn in the classroom, online, or through homeschooling, until your teen feels safe, heard, and loved they will struggle with learning. Everyone is focused on the best way to teach writing and arithmetic, but just teaching those subjects isn’t going to develop your child into the confident, successful contributor to society that you desire for your child.

Since our beginnings in 2006 we have SUCCESSFULLY served over 43,000 hours, teaching over 450 students and families how to cope with change, anxiety and stress; manage their feelings and emotions; develop problem solving skills; and discover their passions and purpose in life. Now, in our “LevelUP Mentorship Program” we’re bringing together our many years of experience and offering it to YOU, the parents and guardians – equipping you to develop a relationship with your children that will radically shift the trajectory of the lives of every member of your household.

Are YOU Ready To Go From Frustrated To LIVING A Happy and Harmonious Family Life?

LevelUP Membership INCLUDES:

Live Webinars, pre-recorded videos, family activities, and downloadable worksheets


  •  WEEKLY webinar trainings on tools to improve your communication, interaction and parenting
  • Presentation from Guest Experts in the field of Social Emotional Learning, Growth Mindset, and Emotional Intelligence
  • Get your questions answered with Q & A Day!
  • Family activities to apply what you are learning
  • Strategies for encouraging your teen to explore new horizons



  • Modeling Boldness and Courage to your teens
  • Building responsibility and respect in your home
  • How to encourage your teen to become a problem solver
  • Foster creative expression in your family members
  • The power of forgiveness
  • How to ask versus tell
  • Providing a safe environment for your kids to grow
  • Increase understanding in communication
  • Experiencing your teen’s world
  • Encouraging teens to tackle new projects
  • Increase your communication skills
  • Praise the process and not specific results
  • Creative problem solving
  • Asking questions
  • Importance of self-care
  • Being present
  • Practice active listening
  • Engage with our teen
  • Live life intentionally
  • Establish routines and boundaries
  • Celebrate each member of the family often
  • Increase empathy through serving others
  • Acknowledge and talk about feelings and emotions
  • Use critical thinking to understand difficult topics
  • An Attitude of Gratitude
  • Recognize your emotions and emotional triggers
  • How to build your confidence
  • Conflict Negotiation skills
  • How to ask for help
  • Goal Setting
  • How to relieve the stress in your life
  • Build a positive climate in your home
  • The power of hoping and dreaming
  • Making Healthy Choices


LevelUP Month-to-Month Membership

You can stop and start anytime you want!
Join for $37 $27 per month

(Your recurring payment will also be $27 until canceled, so you stay at this price for as long as you’re active!)

includes over pre-recorded and live training

You are registering for the full LevelUP Membership Coaching with Apex 24/7. You will receive 4 live webinars per month, recordings from all of the LevelUP webinars, and the entire LevelUP vault! And it’s all only $37 $27 per month.  At the end of your monthly membership we will charge you $27 and your membership will be active until you cancel.

You Are Locking This Price In! Your Monthly Price Will Never Go Up, Unless You Cancel & Rejoin At A Later Date

If you join on the 5th, your membership will go until the 5th of the following year or month, and then be rebilled until you cancel.