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Frequently Asked Questions

You asked, we answered. Here are some of our most frequently asked questions about Foundations in Entrepreneurship.

1.What grades is the Foundations in Entrepreneurship curriculum designed for?

Foundations in Entrepreneurship is designed for grades 9-12.

2.What topics are covered in the Foundations in Entrepreneurship curriculum?

Foundations in Entrepreneurship covers Traits and Skills of an Entrepreneur, Personal Growth, Business Finance (Resource Management, Profit/Loss, Giving Back), Business Marketing (Products, Selling, Branding), and Business Management (Growing Your Business, Human Resources, Business Plans, and Information Technology).

3.Are there any print materials included in Foundations in Entrepreneurship?

Foundations in Entrepreneurship is a fully digital curriculum, and everything you need to teach the course is located within the FoundationsDigital platform. Students watch the video instruction and complete assessments within the online platform, and the lesson plans and activities are available for the teacher to print right from the teacher guide section.

4.How much does Foundations in Entrepreneurship cost?

The cost of Foundations in Entrepreneurship is no costs to you. However, your donations are much appreciated.

5.How long does Foundations in Entrepreneurship last?

Foundations in Entrepreneurship includes a total of 25 hours of instruction including video instruction, reading content, group or individual activities, and a group project throughout the course in which students apply what they’re learning to build their own business.

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