Wishing Things Were Different

For most kids experiencing divorce,’ wishing things were different’ is a normal part of processing the loss . It takes time for all of us to come to terms with any major change in our lives. Kids going through divorce not only need this time they also need extra help...

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Divorce shapes the emotional tenor of childhood

According to a study reported on in the New York Times, “It is no small question. The nation’s divorce rate reached record levels in the late 1970’s and early 1980’s. “During that time, the article continues “a quarter of all Americans age 18 to 35 were barely 16...

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10 Encouraging Things to say to your kids today!

10 Encouraging Things to say to your kids today! Sometimes all it takes to encourage a child is to say a few simple words. When a parent looks their child in the eye and says just a few words, it can make all the difference to them in that moment and maybe for a...

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Five Simple Ways to Encourage Kids of Divorce

We all need encouragement and kids of divorce need encouragement more than your realize. They need it from married couples, coaches, teachers, pastors, most of all from you. It seems like kids of divorce often live in isolation, have confusion about family structures,...

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Start talking about holiday plans and most people get a little frantic. We all know the holiday season is full of stress, and pressure for parents. Holidays can stir up lots of feelings for your children. If this is their first Christmas following your family...

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They say that “death brings dignity, but divorce brings shame.” This raises the question, how are we as a society treating the millions of families experiencing divorce? What attitudes and actions are we carrying into our everyday lives, neighborhoods and places of...

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Not All Together

As children of divorce we need places to not have it all together. Allow us to be ‘not ok’ and still patiently, deeply love us. Remember, we’re contending with a lot.

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Back And Forth

Transitioning houses…going back -and -forth between mom and dads house is a regular part of divorce that kids must endure. Its easy to underestimate or even forget how stressful this aspect of divorce can be for kids. Keeping track of their belongings, organizing...

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Being A Pleaser

All of us are ‘pleasers’, at least once in awhile. It’s human nature to want people to get along, to have folks like us, to experience peace in our relationships. For children going through divorce, ‘pleasing’ often runs much deeper. Kids are often caught. Caught...

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