Transitioning houses…going back -and -forth between mom and dads house is a regular part of divorce that kids must endure. Its easy to underestimate or even forget how stressful this aspect of divorce can be for kids. Keeping track of their belongings, organizing homework and packing up each week all take a huge toll on kids. As parents, we can aid in this process and actually help them transition more easily. Make an effort to supply things at your house they regularly use. Don’t put them in a binds by saying things like, ‘that is for our house…you can’t take it to your dads…’ Be patient, as at times they will inevitably forget something at the other parents house. Remember, our kids didn’t ask to live out of two houses. In paying attention to the details of transitioning and providing lots of extra love and patience, we can provide kids with a smoother, less stressful back-and- forth experience.