About Kids 24/7

Our mission is to empower and support kids to lead healthy lives with partnerships from eductors, family and community. 

Our vision is the provide kids and their family with social, emotional, academic, mental and health skills. 

Kids 24/7 provides solutions for kid’s positive development through educational, social, emotional and problem-solving skills.  As an organization, we witness firsthand that kids are in crisis. At ages earlier than prior generations, kids experience loneliness, anxiety, academic stress and social pressure. When children become stuck in negative self-talk or can’t push through their fear of failure, Kids 24/7 stands in the gap with caring adults, helpful resources and fun fitness activities.

At the High 5 Club and KIDS Academy we create engaging environments to help kids develop a resilient mindset so they can face life’s challenges with confidence. We recognize parents are a child’s first teacher and therefore it is critical to include them in all we do. We offer parent groups and classes to build skills and relationships.

The tremendous need for mental health and creative prevention programs has led Kids 24/7 to develop a Community Collaboration Initiative. Kids 24/7 believes working together is better than working alone. We partner with individuals, schools, churches, businesses and non-profits to find innovative solutions to the problems kids and families are facing with the goal of building resilient, thriving communities.

We are here to truly help so if you have any questions or comments please contact us at info@apex247.org or 1.844.kids247.

Meet the Team


David Schaack, has 25 years experience in fundraising, financial analysis, business development, and marketing for companies across the globe. He has generated over $12M of venture capital and non-profit funds for American Water Foundation, CCH/Tennyson Center, COMPA Food Bank, Healing Waters and ACMNP, among others. David also launched international and domestic companies, including the American Water, GlobalOne Group and Fujitsu Networking Systems. David holds a BS in Marketing and an MBA (Colorado State University) and was the recipient of a full scholarship to the University of Denver’s Emerging Leadership Program.

Following a devastating car accident in 2004 that resulted in brain injury, stroke and coma, and myriad broken bones and vertebrae, David created an innovative business solution aimed at single parents and kids of divorce. Soon after his recovery began in earnest, David became a father promptly followed by the end to his relationship with the mother of his son. In response to his own experience and the struggle that comes with being a single father, David developed Dads247 and Kids247 to address the issues single parents and kids of divorce undergo. These include services for dads such as counseling, childcare, career training, housing, financial advice, support groups, seminars, and legal resources. David partners with local specialists and services to provide the holistic support single parents need. David’s passion is to teach dads to embrace change, engage with their kids, and leave a legacy that is only possible when a community supports dads and their kids 24/7.


Willaim Mutch, Chair, Principal Mutch Government Relations

Anne Barnhart, Vice President Zion’s Bank

Gloria J. Higgins, Consultant

Samnatha Myers, Owner Radiant Beginnings Yoga

Dan Schaack, Assignment Solutions Consultant Key Sight Technologies

Shelly Whitney, Owner, Modern Family Therapy

Jay Zajieck, Senior Commerial Relationship Manger TBK Bank