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Does your teen have a hobby they’re passionate about? What if they could turn it into something more? Entrepreneurship Academy is for them! Youth entrepreneurship will take business and life skill ideas and begin to start training programs that will give teens the essential’s like management skills, communication, finance, HR, marketing, and more! We are dedicated to empower your teen to become an entrepreneur who leads with character and excels in the work they love.

The Financial Academy is for financial youth, fully online and contains personal financial and training the essential personal principles like how to manage money, budget, save, avoid debt, house saving, invest, and how to be a wise consumer.

Curriculum includes fully digital content, auto-graded assessments, personal coaching, online educational lessons with videos, case studies, and all you need is a computer or tablet and internet access. Each of these activities can be completed at your teens pace—no instructor needed! We consider these the programs that are the best financial literacy!

OUR PROGRAMS INSPIRES Leadership, Worth Ethic, Vision, and Responsibility

Awesome class! Great class! I would recommend this program to anyone who is looking to start a business! – Dandy E.

Excellent content for my son who’s graduating. Lots of real world knowledge that is so necessary. – Kristi S.

I think that it was very helpful in a sense of what should be done when starting a business. it helped me get to a point of almost opening my doors with the business I started. I am somewhat grateful for this class. – Andy C.

OUR PROGRAMS INSPIRES Leadership, Work Ethic, Vision, and Responsibility 

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